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Über mich

about me

Bene John Miller

Benedikt Müller, born in 93, studied jazz guitar at the Artez hogeschool voor de kunsten and has since been active as a guitarist, composer and songwriter in a variety of projects in addition to his jazz trio. Besides his passion for music, he organizes many concerts, productions or masterclasses, among others with exceptional guitarist Julian Lage in April 2022.

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Ben Miller Trio

While embracing the space between quite notes, reduced sounds and the loud angles of improvised music, Marius Lamm, Moritz Götzen and Benedikt Müller shed some new light on songs you recognize from your old record collection. Maybe they will even sing (but they won’t) (but maybe).

Weaver's Gallery

For his guitar duo with singer Elsa Steixner Bene writes the pieces and lyrics. Soflty spoken words, gentle the melodies for troubled minds.

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Madame Chocolat

Bene writes and sings the most beautiful indie folk punk for his band Madame Chocolat. As a trio, the pieces are approachable, like a good friend sharing the last cigarette of the night with you.

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Photos by Frederik Taubenheim

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